Our Pools

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of our two beautiful private community pools.

Discover Our Sparkling Pools

Looking for a Tahlequah apartment with a pool? At the Pines at Southridge, we get it. When it comes to finding your next home, longevity is usually the name of the game. Nobody likes the process of moving! Therefore, you want to find something that meets all your expectations so that, when a year is up, you’re just as excited to call that place home as you were when you moved in. Of course, there are plenty of factors that play into this feeling: location, price, size, and amenities, among others.

For some people, the one amenity that plays the biggest role in searching for an apartment is the pool. What better way to cool off on a hot afternoon than to plunge into those chill water? And what could be better than being able to stroll to one nearby, rather than drive to a crowded public pool? So if you’re looking for a Tahlequah apartment with a pool, look no further.

On property at Pines at Southridge are two refreshing, kidney-shaped saltwater pools that are ideal for helping you beat the heat in the warmer months. Having two, versus one, helps reduce the amount of crowding at each one, which is especially important when the sun is at its peak and everyone is out seeking respite.

One of the greatest benefits of saltwater pools is that they have a much lower level of chlorine. Because of this, there’s little to no irritation of the eyes and skin, which is prevalent in traditional swimming pools. In fact, it can actually help leave your skin feeling even smoother than it was before a long soak. Swimming in these pools almost leaves you feeling as though you spent some time at the spa!

The pools are surrounded by expansive patios lined with lawn chairs, so if you’re more inclined to while the afternoon away lounging near the pool rather than in it, there is ample accommodation to do so.

The pool patios are completely closed in by a fence, to help make sure everyone stays in one place. Plus, with all of that patio space, there’s plenty of room to spread out on a blanket once you’ve had enough time in the water.

We hope that, as you search for your Tahlequah apartment with a pool, you’ll consider the rejuvenating saltwater pools at Pines at Southridge. We know you’ll love them almost as much as you love your new apartment. Contact us today to learn more about our community or to schedule a tour!