Apartments Near Tulsa Zoo

Enjoy living in apartments near fun activities in the Tulsa area, including the beautiful Tulsa Zoo. 

Activities to Explore in Tulsa

One of the great benefits of choosing to call Pines at Southridge home is that you have the luxury of living in a quiet neighborhood, but the excitement of the bustling city is so easily within your reach, you won’t think twice about jumping in the car and taking off for a day trip. Living in apartments near Tulsa Zoo, Oklahoma Aquarium, Gilcrease Museum, and myriad other fantastic day-trip destinations means you have easy access to the best of both worlds.

The Tulsa Zoo is a way for you to travel the world right in your backyard. Booking a safari to the Serengeti may not be in your foreseeable future, but you can see many of the same animals right here, including lions, giraffes, antelope, meerkats, white rhinos, and more. Then zip over to Asia and suddenly you’re admiring majestic elephants and Malaysian tigers, among others. Learn all about strange and unusual animals and adaptations they’ve developed that allow them to live in extreme cold, the desert, forests, or underwater.

Dive into the Oklahoma Aquarium which, as you may have figured, spotlights all life aquatic. Be sure to check out the odd-looking specimens at the Extreme Fishes exhibit, which showcases underwater creatures that can camouflage themselves, breathe air, and those that have developed defenses against predators. There’s an exhibit featuring 300-pound loggerhead sea turtles that isn’t to be missed and, of course, you have to check out the ocean’s fiercest predators at Shark Adventure.

For something a little less…alive, stop by the Gilcrease Museum, which is dedicated to the preservation of American art and history. It also happens to be home to the world’s largest collection of art from the American West. If a trip to this museum leaves you feeling inspired, you’re in luck: There’s an art education program that’s available for students of all ages.

Centered around a 7-acre lake, the 60 acres of plant life found at the Tulsa Botanic Garden are the perfect way for any lover of nature to spend an afternoon filled with educational wandering. The calendar is fully stocked with special events that include guided tours, live bands, and even food tastings.

If you find yourself typically with your head up in the clouds, you may want to stop by the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. This place is full of hands-on exhibits and educational tours that are dedicated to educating visitors of all ages. You’ll see examples of rare aircraft on display and, for an out of this world experience, be sure to visit the planetarium theater—the largest of its kind in the state—where you can explore the Earth’s climate, the Moon, and even black holes.

As you can see, from one of our apartments near Tulsa Zoo, you have access to some of the best local attractions to be found in the area, no matter what it is you love to do. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a tour and make Pines at Southridge apartments your new home!