Apartments Near Northeastern State University

Pines at Southridge apartments are conveniently located near Northeastern State University & Indian Capital Technology Center.

Hit the Books

We all have our own list of prerequisites when looking for a new place to call home. Of course, the smorgasbord of amenities that we all seek out when we’re searching varies greatly, depending on the person. If being near your school is important to you, then Pines at Southridge is the place you’ll want to check out. In addition to offering top-notch accommodations, we have apartments near Northeastern State University, among other institutions, making it super convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Thanks to a modest-sized student population, particularly in comparison to other universities, enrolling at Northeastern State University awards each student the benefit of manageable class sizes with plenty of one-on-one opportunities with professors. Some of the more popular majors at Northeastern include elementary education, biology, accounting, and business, so if any of those are in your wheelhouse, this could very well be the place for you. (And don’t worry: There are plenty of other areas of study to choose from.) On campus, there are more than 100 student-run organizations that you can participate in outside of the classroom that help contribute to an even more well-rounded college experience, whether you’re the typical college-aged student or an adult returning to school later on in life. It’s essentially all that you could hope to find at any sprawling university but in an easy-to-manage (and navigate) package.

For something a little more focused, Indian Capital Technology Center is a technical school that was established to help both youth and adults excel in their endeavors to boost their skill set. ICTC particularly specializes in training that is beneficial to those already in the workforce. Though it does have a strong focus on vocational skills — like welding, carpentry, electrical work, and auto repair — the school also offers courses in business management, nursing, and medical technology, among others. Staff members are encouraged to consistently continue their own education outside of the classroom in order to bring even more knowledge to the table for the benefit of students.

So if you’re in need of one of the many apartments near Northeastern University or ICTC, we hope you’ll consider giving us a call. We’d love to give you a tour of our property to show you that Pines at Southridge will be the perfect complement to your continuing education.